Knowledge Graphs in Data Science


James West Alumni Center Founders' Room

A Data Theory in the World Seminar

Miguel A. García-Garibay
Dean, UCLA Division of Physical Sciences

invites you to attend a panel discussion featuring

Houshmand Shirani-Mehr

Applied Science Manager, Snap

Xia Li

Xia Li

Data Scientist Microsoft, UCLA Alumni

moderated by

Wei Wang

Wei Wang
Leonard Kleinrock Chair and Professor
UCLA Department of Computer Science

About the program: What are Knowledge Graphs? How are they used in data-driven organizations? What should students know about knowledge graphs to be effective data scientists? This is the second of a three-panel series that addresses different aspects of data-driven organizations and how to prepare to be part of them.

We invite you to ask questions of leading data scientists about data-driven organizations. A selection of these questions will be answered during the event.

To submit a question, click here.

The panel will be followed by a reception.