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Bachelor of Science in Data Theory

UCLA’s Data Theory major joins the strength of the university’s Mathematics department with the innovation of its Statistics and Data Science department to offer students a world-class education in the foundations of Data Science. At UCLA, all Statistics faculty are data scientists with a wide range of application fields. In Mathematics, data science is well-represented by six faculty members of its Applied Mathematics group.

The Data Theory major focuses on the fundamental concepts needed to model data and to make sense of data. It is this foundation that allows for the fullest and best application of data science. Graduates will come away prepared to be leaders in industry or academia.

What skills will I learn with the Data Theory Major?

This capstone major is the first in the world, both in name and content. One key academic difference from the Data Science majors proposed by peer universities is the presence in our major of substantial upper division proof-based mathematics. The major is strong, perhaps stronger than some Masters degrees, in Machine Learning, which is at the core of Data Science.

Altogether, graduates of the Data Theory program at UCLA will have encountered the key programming tools of the field and be strong in programming skills which are acquired via completion of class projects and homework.

Courses offered as part of the major include:

  • The basic math and science requirements expected of all science majors, including calculus, introductory physics, and introductory chemistry, in addition to one course each in statistics and computer programming.
  • Societal Impacts of Data
  • Data Technologies for Data Scientists
  • Experience of Data Science (students will solve real data science problems for community-based or campus-based clients)
  • Introduction to Data-Driven Mathematical Modeling: Life, The Universe, and Everything
  • Mathematical Methods of Data Theory

Why major in Data Theory at UCLA?

The fields that the graduates will enter are evolving quickly in response to the type and scale of data that are becoming available. Major corporations have research groups devoted to projects in data science and numerous more recent entrants, including start-ups, are dedicated to particular problem areas.

It is a capstone major, providing the opportunity for students to collaborate in groups solving real data science problems. Students work in small groups with a faculty member and client, with an emphasis on communication, team work, and understanding the scientific question in data science terms.

Graduates of UCLA’s Data Theory major will be much better prepared to immediately join and contribute. The degree signals to employers and graduate program admissions officers that a strong graduate is a potential leader in data science.

How do I declare a Data Theory major at UCLA?

The general description of the Major, how to get in it, its requirements, learning outcomes and policies is given here. For more information, see here.

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